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IP-it assists you from A to Z on your way to success.
We create trademarks and companies that stand out.

Whether established since decades or still in gestation, we are here to differentiate you from your competitors: branding, naming and corporate image change (rebranding), logos and products design, fundraising, incorporation of your company, protection of your trademarks and patents, web and e-commerce design, social networks communication, commercial law and intellectual property contracts and litigations...
Entrust any of your ambitious or more modest projects to us. We have so much inspiration.



Branding, naming and rebranding
Visual and word identity of your trademarks
and your company

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
Trademarks, designs and patents protection and management

Business Law

Commercial Law
Incorporation of your company, negotiations
and drafting of contracts

Graphic Design

Graphic Design
All media, web design,
photography and translations

Business Intelligence

Audit, business strategy
Business intelligence, market studies,
analysis and planning of projects


E-business and communication
Online stores development and setup,
digital marketing and social networks

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How it works

From the first sketches to the achievement of your projects

IP-it helps you succeed during the whole setup and communication process of your company and your trademarks, in Switzerland and globally. Here is an overview of the 6 main steps of this process:


1. Creation

To have an idea is great, but taking advantage of it is even better. We will work together to find all the possible realization opportunities in Switzerland and in other countries, keeping your budget and your customer profile in mind.

2. Strategy

In order to maximize your chances of success, we will study the market and conduct thorough searches in order to determine the feasibility and costs of your poject.

3. Design

Upon outlining of your project, we will complete it. We will design your new identity or your new brand. We will also provide you with our best support in developing and manufacturing your products.

4. Internet

A turnkey delivery of an online store ? An advertising campaign on Google or on the social networks? We will build everything matching your (new) brand or corporage image and will promote it on the internet.

5. Protection

Do not let your ideas get away. We will help you registering your company at the Trade Register and filing your trademarks and patents, all around the world.

6. Follow-up

After your project has started up, we will assist you in all your business procedures (contracts, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions) and will defend your intellectual property rights.

What is IP-it?

IP-it is the ideal combination of several creative minds with those of business lawyers and intellectual property counsels. With us, your projects are more promising than ever

Our History

Julie Tai Suhner, IP-it founder | "Since 1993, I never stopped to evolve in the field of web design and graphic design (MA graphic communication in progress), while providing legal advice as an intellectual property lawyer, in Switzerland and abroad."


First website

Launch of a website featuring new hobbies for 10-12 y.o. kids, at school. There was still no CMS editor at that time (no search engine either), so HTML codes were all "handwritten" with a basic notepad application.


First logo

Awarded first prize of a logo designing contest for Lausanne Highschools and Colleges Orchestra. Reference was made to the "Collège classique de Béthusy" where the orchestra was founded originally. Being timeless, this, this logo was so well-designed that it is still currently used.


First paper layout

Participation to the writing, layout and printing of a (not published anymore) student newspaper Quid Novi at the University of Lausanne during 2 years. Poster design for students events in the Western Switzerland region.


Law Degree (Master) from the Univ. of Lausanne


Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in Law, Security and Criminality of New Technologies from the Univ. of Lausanne

Diploma thesis on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions in European Patent Law.


First job position as a trademark attorney

After several internships and employments in Switzerland and abroad, Brand IP Specialist position at a multinational of the agro-food industry.


First rebranding operation

Update of an existing logo, design of all printed documents and presentations of the company, as well as of a new website and mobile version, including photography, for intellectual property law firm Bugnion.


First online store

Launch of, online store featuring second hand products for kids. Acquisition of new SEO knowledge and experiences in marketing and social network communication.


LL.M., Law & Technology (UC Berkeley)
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In a few words

Why choose IP-it to start up?

  • One single and unique partner, from your first sketch to your first contract

    We support you during the whole development process of your trademark, your product or your company. We design your logos, your website, your printed documents, your advertising materials and remain at your side to safeguard your rights, translate your files, negotiate and draft your contracts.

  • We are ready to take up any challenge

    Our team and our global network allow us to deliver the best services, that you will not find anywhere else. Our close partnership with attorneys, translators, communication experts and intellectual property counsels is ideal to meet your ambitions.

  • Nous parlons français - Wir sprechen Deutsch - Hablamos Español - 我们讲中文 - 우리는 한국어를 안다 - ...

    Thanks to our team's diversity, we communicate in a dozen different languages, with a particular accent on Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand...). These rare and unique language and cultural skills are essential to the success of your projets, wherever you are.

  • Affordable costs and payment by credit card possible

    For a good start, it is advised to invest in quality services in order to build your business on solid foundations. Then you have come to the right place here. It is preferable not to spend too much, though. And you may pay your invoices by credit card or using other "traditional" payment methods.

A Pinch Of Creativity


What is your goal?
What services do you need?
For what budget?

  • Visual identity and branding

    From update of an existing logo to complete makeover of a range of products and services, as well as selection of a new corporate image.

    flat rate, from CHF 400.-- (tax excl.)

  • Protection of intellectual property rights: trademarks, designs, patents

    Legal advice in intellectual property, clearance searches, filing and protection of your trademarks, designs, patents, domain names and copyrights.

    from CHF 350.-- (tax excl.)

  • Creation of companies, commercial and business law

    Assistance services in establishing companies, legal advice with regard to their commercial activities. Support during negotiations and drafting of commercial contracts.

    from CHF 350.-- (tax excl.)

  • Graphic design, photography, translations

    Business cards, catalogues, posters, flyers, labels and packaging... Graphic design of all of your communication materials, printed or virtual (French - German - English - Chinese - Korean).

    flat rate, from CHF 150.-- (tax excl.)

  • Business intelligence, market studies, products and services development

    Analysis of commercial plans and their adequacy with the target consumers, adaptation to cultural specifications (Europe, Asia...), support in designing new products and services.

    from CHF 800.-- (tax excl.)

  • Design and maintenance of websites and e-commerce platforms, online marketing

    From your website's homepage to a sophisticated online store ready to use, including digital advertising and communication on main social networks.

    flat rate, from CHF 1,500.-- (tax excl.)

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